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This page is to explain about our list hosting service.

As we stated on the first page, our lists are all family safe and the simple rules Must be fallowed

  1. No Porn of ANY kind will be allowed

  2. Not anti church or racial slamming

  3. No links to sites containing porn or gambling

  4. Content must be safe in the event a child gets on the list. (they may not understand what is being said, but it should not be something a parent would be upset about)

  5. There is NO charge to be on any of our list. (list owners often offset their costs by including adds, but they will follow the rules)

  6. The list are free to speak of personal, denominational, or political beliefs.(feel free to join or leave at your discretion)

  7. You may join or leave as many lists as you wish

We host both open (free for all to join) and private lists (members put in by the list owner only). Click to unsubscribe links will be put on all lists. Our lists are all Double Opt-in. In other words you may put them on the list, but they MUST reply in to be permanently added.

Because our service is top notch and our requirements to be “Family Safe” we have been growing very fast. I concider this a ministry not a for profit business, so our costs are kept LOW so your ministry can afford us. We believe those who send the most should pay a SLIGHTL higher fee. Below are our rates

$120.00 cost Per year for per month sends 0-100,000 

180.00 cost Per year for per month sends 100,000 to 200,000 

240.00 cost Per year for per month sends 200,000 to 500,000 

360.00 cost Per year for per month sends 500,000 1 million 

480.00 cost Per year for per month sends 

Add $ 120.00 cost Per year for monthly sends per million over 

To figure the yearly cost of hosting your list with us simply multiply the number of members on your list times the number of timesd per month you usually send.

We have two list systems available, The yearly rate is the same on both lists, but or Email marketer (A much more poweful list service) has a one time install that is a little higher. Our PHP list system has a one time setup fee of $75.00 . The Email Marketer costs $150.00 one time set up fee.

Our Email marketer has many great feature such as tracking emails and openings plus many premade templates. It also sends at a much faster rate. The choice is yours as to which list to use.

If this is confusing please feel free to call or email me about your questions

Send your list to your subscribers via a secured web page that is password protected to keep others out. By using the web to send mail there is no chance of a virus being sent by your email program by accident.

HTML is available if you want it. HTML pages must be written as a web page in true html, a warning, some email programs have trouble interpreting frames, tables, flash, and other forms of movies and sound.

At any time you may click "send me my list" from your administration page and the server will send them to. If you must leave, a month before your due date (one year) just let me know and I will remove your list after the due date.

Because I host only Christian and Family Safe lists our readers trust us. At their request I have set up a list call "New Lists". These are members who wish to "Test out" any list I feel worth hosting Presently our New Lists have over (2000+ subscribers ) members to add to your members list. 80% usually stay on the list. If you list doesn't meet the standard of Christian or Family Safe, or it is for a selected group only then we will make it a "Closed" list and you must add you members yourself.

You may also have the html codes to put a sign up and remove box on you web site.

I also offer our web hosting service free to list owners a $10.00 mo base ($120.00 year Free site) This alone pays for your list hosting fees.

If there are any unanswered questions please feel free to ask either by filling out our form or by calling 1-800-739-4822

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Mike Hodapp
List administrator

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